Drip bot mafia
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Thursday February 17th

Doxed Team Thanks to     Civic Technologies

MINT (0.25 SOL)

WL (0.2 SOL)

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At the far end of the galaxy on a grid planet in the Solana system an exiled diaspora of cybernetic beings thrives. They’re robots and androids created by long forgotten forerunners as well as the descendants of anarchistic machine-loving cyborg rebels who were sent along for the ride.


Subsisting on satoshi-crumbs earned on the mean streets of the planetary blockchain, some of the bots began to rise above the rest with increasing competence, subsequently amassing respectable piles of coin. 


Realizing that there is power as well as protection in numbers; an elite group of dripped out robots built a mega city they dubbed “Driptropolis''. Then they formed a prestigious organization to oversee things by way of heavy-handed meritocracy that they call the Drip Bot Mafia...

Bada Beep, Bada Boop!

Get access to useful information regarding the collection by joining the community and earning your way into the family

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Both a leader and developer, my role in Drip Bot Mafia has been to research and develop the functionality for the project and mint; as well as provide direction when the project gets stuck. I'm a studious and persistent coder. Every project I take on leads to invaluable experience and knowledge.

Technology Lead  |  Project Leader

Dory G

Contractor bot with over a decade of experience leading cross-functional teams in designing and developing digital products. Strategy and community are my core responsibilities within the DBM, and I moonlight as a cross-departmental consultant, project manager and mentor when and where it's needed.

Strategic Lead  |  Community Leader

Jay Design

Lead graphic designer and discord dev for the drip nation! I have over 7 years of freelance graphic design knowledge, as well as a lifetime of creative instincts passed down from my talented elders. I also contribute to the design and development of our website, and act as a community manager too!

Design Lead Discord Dev  |  Website Creator


I was the original founder of the Drip Bot Mafia, helping the team secure our startup capital. I was also the lead consultant and strategic advisor during the startup phases. By utilizing my connections in the NFT space I was able to provide DBM with a great community foundation from the start.

Founder  |  Bag Man